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"All started back in the 90's..."

The Beginning

Our story began in 1998. Back then till up today, our vision was and continue to be the creation and production of high-end products that are going to be the family's keepsakes, passing them to next generations. This is the actual strength of a single photography…



Investment in high-end technology photo printing and binding machinery.

We believe in treating our partners with transparency, respect and dignity.


Production Unit

The company completed the lab relocation to a new space, creating a perfect and integrated vertical digital album production unit. Acting with courage, challenging the status quo and finding new ways to grow our company and each other.



Laser and UV printing machinery investment, expanding the product range to meet the future challenges. Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit, through products that capture the most important moments of our lives.



Today, we collaborate with the best suppliers from Greece and abroad, managing to always stand out and respond to the creative expectations of each customer. Direct service, quality, high-end products and competitive prices will always accompany our vision of continuous development.


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