Color Management

C-Print is a color or monochrome photo printing technique, mainly used in art and photography. Color Management, and the ICC standard, refer to a set of techniques and processes used to ensure consistent and accurate reproduction of colors from one device (such as a printer, monitor, scanner) to another device. The goal of Color Management is to ensure that colors are presented uniformly and correctly across different devices and media.


C-Print is the process of printing photos using liquid chemicals. In other words, it is the classic, analog photo printing, unchanged over time, that has established its reputation as the absolute quality in image capture.
C-Prints offer excellent tonality, accurate colors, detail and contrast.

Digital Print

Digital printing allows for personalisation, rapid production and small quantities, offering more flexibility than traditional printing methods. In addition, the quality and resolution of printing have improved dramatically, allowing the creation of impressive products: Business cards, corporate forms, folders, flyers, postcards, invitations, calendars, catalogs and much more.
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