Our workshop

It is the landmark of domestic production and ingenuity. As the skills and know-how of hand-crafting continue to be highly valued, it is the role of the workshop itself that is changing.
Technology is evolving to the highest degree and the desire for authenticity is increasing, making the role of handmade manufacturing vital to modern life.
Whether traditional or innovative, art or science, displayed in an art gallery or kept in a newlywed couple’s box, the handmade product has the power to deeply satisfy. And all it needs from us is a little patience and appreciation…

We highlight the workshop as a center of production and creation, whether it concerns traditional crafts or innovative technologies. The role of the workshop has evolved over time, responding to developments in technology, the needs of modern life and the search for authenticity and personal expression.


The Noritsu 3801HD belongs to a new generation of high-resolution minilab, C-Print, liquid chemical systems designed to meet the modern needs of photo labs.

It forms the core of our lab operation, providing consistent performance, predictable quality and color consistency. The system has an impressive photo printing capability at a true resolution of 640 dpi.


The Durst Theta 51 is a digital, all-in-one C-Print, liquid chemical system. The system features the acclaimed Lambda printer, which has cemented the company’s reputation on the world map of high-resolution professional photography.
The Durst Theta 51 is headed towards wedding photo printing and takes on the role of flagship in our lab. It has built-in software that continuously adjusts the amount of pixels in HD resolutions. This achieves unparalleled tonality and the ability to print at extreme light or dark scales.


The NORITSU QSS 3213 DLS is a high-throughput minilab that features an excellent workflow. Eequipped with a Noritsu Laser exposure unit, producing brilliant prints with vibrant colors and 300dpi resolution. In addition, it can print double-length images at 305×914 mm.

This minilab also provides a wide range of correction tools, which improve contrast, sharpness and minimize problems with exposure, backlighting and flash photography.

albums’r us AUTOMATICA FE

“AUTOMATICA FE” by the company “albums’r us” represents an unsurpassed technological achievement in the field of digital book and album binding.

In our workshop, where hand-crafting is an integral part of our philosophy, AUTOMATICA FE is an integral part of the production process. Rather than replacing human labor, it complements and enhances the creativity of its operator, adapting the process to the requirements of each order.


The Novakon BCL-1006X Laser Cutter is a highly advanced laser cutting and engraving machine designed and manufactured in Switzerland. This machine stands out for its precision, with a laser head that offers an impressive locating accuracy of ≤+0.01mm. The highest scanning resolution at 4000dpi allows it to engrave with incredible detail, as it can engrave even letter characters with dimensions of 1.0mm x 1.0mm.

This machine integrates comfortably into a variety of work in the workshop, cutting, engraving and shaping materials with various hardnesses, textures and textures. The absolute precision in the control of engraving depth makes this machine practically a CNC router, allowing every craftsman to take advantage of the wide range of possibilities of the Laser Novakon machine.


The CANON imagePROGRAF PRO 4000 printer belongs to the category of large format photo printers. This printer impresses with its excellent performance, using 12 different colors to create prints that are both sharp and natural looking, making them ideal for professional photography.
CANON has developed two important technologies for this printer, “Input-output” and “Crystal-fidelity”, which ensure that the prints accurately reflect what the photographer saw on his camera when shooting. This creates an impressive level of accuracy in the reproduction of colors and details.


Our experience in the field and our commitment to digital evolution led us to choose the KONICA-MINOLTA DEVELOP ineo+ 2060 printer. This reliable heavy-duty machine uses xerography ink technology to ensure consistent color quality and an excellent finish on every print.

The ineo+ 2060 is also flexible in terms of papers, dimensions and overlays, allowing us to create a variety of forms such as invitations, cards, bifolds, brochures and more

ERICK UV Printer 6090 A1+

The ERICK UV 6090 A1+ printer is the ultimate choice for medium to large print volumes. Unlike its competitors, this printer stands out for its ability to continuously print white ink without interruption, offering smooth print quality.

ERICK UV 6090 A1+ is adaptable to many materials and can print directly on any substrate, be it rigid or flexible. The result is immediate fixation of prints, regardless of the material, such as wood, PVC, acrylic, leather, glass, crystal, ceramics, latex, aluminum, copper, metal, plastics, etc. The printer has a high resolution of up to 2880 dpi and incorporates variable dot technology for sharp rendering of small text fonts.


FASTBIND Pureva XT is a hot melt binder that works with EVA and PUR adhesives. With absolute flexibility in the transition between the two materials, this device serves its operator and satisfies even the most demanding customer.

This bookbinding machine produces hardcover or softcover books, tapes books and produces tear-off notebooks. It can be used for the binding production of photo books, magazines, multi-page brochures and greeting cards.


POLAR D 80 belongs to the category of cutting machines and was specially designed for durability and reliability in professional applications. The many configuration options allow us to have our own customized machine, designed according to our requirements. This means that the machine integrates seamlessly into the workflow of the laboratory, improving efficiency and practicality of use.
The integrated display visualizes the cutting process and provides the operator with a graphic indication of material handling.