USB Flash Drive has become one of the most productive media for professional photographers to transfer or copy large size files and also present the valuable work to their clients.

The USB Flash Drives available by the company are USB 3.0, meaning they can reach a maximum data transmission rate of 5 Gbps. There are three types of format, NTFS/FAT32/exFAT making it possible to quickly copy or transfer files and videos in Windows, Linux and MacOS environment. They are available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities and the selling price is configured according to the order quantity. A combination of materials and techniques such as wood, plexiglass and leatherette with the possibility of engraving or printing, capable of adding value to the presentation of your work. Please note that optional storage packaging is available in various designs and materials.


Wood, as a living material, is different in every case, making our workshop’s USB Wood Flash Drives truly unique and special, just like every personality.
Like you, each of these USB Flash Drives has its own unique story and character. From its natural texture to the way it is used.

USB Acrylic

Materials that exude elegance and frugality combined with reliable and robust construction. Whether it is metal combined with plexiglass or wood combined with plexiglass, these materials achieve an excellent aesthetic and impressive combination.
A feeling of luxury and simplicity.

USB Leatherette

Classic and timeless! Available in three distinctive shades: white, black and brown. An integrated approach that will give character to your work and that best matches the aesthetics and style of your client.
The product offers the opportunity for a good first image that will arouse interest and leave a strong impression.

USB Customized

Alternative and unique… For photography and camera lovers. Made of durable material that offers tremendous durability and protection over time. Pair it with matching packaging to stand out.