Flushmount Album

“High quality handmade digital albums with traditional bookbinding methods”.

There is a uniqueness in handmade albums that remains irreplaceable: The feel of the pages, the texture of the materials, the incalculable value of holding a story in your hands. Every moment captured is unique and unrepeatable. Albums create narratives of the most important events in our lives. Like weddings and baptisms, to the simple moments of everyday life. They give flesh and bones to memories.

Leatherette Love collection

“Όταν μια εξαιρετική εναλλακτική λύση αντικαθιστά ενεργά την παραδοσιακή”.

Variety of colors, durability over time and an exclusive Reign Lab finish on the surface of the material. Golden intersection between innovation and sustainability.

Philosopher’s Rebellion collection

“Feel the luxury and absolute exclusivity”.

We capture the inherent integrity of elegance and enhance its appeal. Our expertise responds to your individuality, reflecting the style and sophistication of your project.

Knit Style collection

“Διατήρησε την ανάμνηση και παρουσίασε την με στυλ”.

Our collection has a clear signature with handmade fabrics that ensure unprecedented quality. Vibrant colors and luxurious textures will inspire your creativity and give you endless project options.

The Old School Canvas collection

“Life is a canvas and each of us is the masterpiece”.

A dynamic product line, based on natural cotton canvas with unique Reign Lab designs. Durability, longevity and matte finish are some of the key features.

Forrest Secret collection

“There is no better way… to love nature and understand art”.

Our minimalist wooden line is full of whispers & scents. Wood is the most man-made material of all & this particular collection is inspired by the secrets of the forest.

Acrylic Romance collection

“Beauty is revealed when the light comes from within.”

Precise and shiny, two to three times stronger than glass, shatter-resistant and perfectly shaped, our particular collection will enhance and satisfy the most minimalist preference.

Back to the 80’s collection

“Vinyl, Studio 54, Punk, Disco and a booming era, it is still regarded as one of the most nostalgic for its authenticity.”

A way of concentrating on the elements that need change and evolution, so that you combine them and fit perfectly with the modern age.
Timeless materials such as vinyl, denim, pop art designs and more.


We offer two types of Wish Books. In the former, the binding is layflat with digital printing and a hard cover that allows the pages to be fully opened so that photos and wishes can be easily displayed.
In the second type, the cover is also hard with a block inside to mount snapshots directly The style of the greeting book has a vintage character, which gives a more classic and retro aesthetic to the event.

Coffee Table Collection

Alternative and contemporary genre hardcover album. The printing is digital and done directly per page using various types of paper such as Velvet, Tella Fine Constellation, etc. Combine an affordable and more modern solution. Suitable for newborn photography, pregnancy, family portrait and other projects.