The reign-lab at Capture Convention

At this year’s Capture Convention, which was successfully organized by the Association of Photographers of Central & Western Macedonia, Reign Lab had the opportunity to meet the outstanding photographers and professionals of the field.

During the conference, we had the honor to present our advanced technologies and innovations in the field of photography. Our active participation has enabled us to connect with professionals who share our passion for advancing the art of photography.

We express our warm thanks to the Association of Photographers of Central & Western Macedonia for the flawless organization of the Capture Convention and the opportunity it provided us to contribute to the empowerment of the photography community.

At Reign Lab, we are committed to continuing to innovate and deliver high-quality solutions that enhance the creative space of photography. We are here to help grow the space and support the rising generation of photographers.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and we look forward to continue this constructive journey in the field of photography.